Accurate financial appraisal of your scheme is vital to ensure best outcome whilst meeting local housing needs.


Viability by tenure, dwelling and scheme. NPV and long-term cashflow displayed instantly.


Assess land values and gross profit with minimal information.


Achieving best value is essential for your organisation. You must demonstrate continuous improvement and show how you compare with your peers.


Measure performance with online scheme reports. Annual written report indicates progress against a variety of Key Performance Indicators.


Social Housing landlords in today’s market must understand the economic value of their properties.

Stock Profiler

Analyse your entire portfolio to see which units are most valuable and which need to be considered for a change of tenure or sale.


The SDS Local Authority Seminar 2019
March 2019 The SDS CPD accredited Local Authority Seminar on Wednesday 27th February was a great success.
2019 Finance Conference - The highlights
March 2019 Thank you to everyone who visited us on stand 627 at the Finance Conference at the ACC Liverpool 20th and 21st March!
Did you know we are Commercial member of Community Housing Cymru?
March 2019 SDS has been a Commercial member of Community Housing Cymru (CHC) for almost 2 years
The highlights of our London User Group Meeting
March 2019 Just incase you missed our series of user group meetings you can find out what happened here.
How an accurate appraisal enables you to mitigate risk.
March 2019 Providing the best housing with the lowest risk requires a crystal ball, but since those don’t exist what is our next best option? The answer is - A robust appraisal.
Flattery from some of our customers
January 2019
How to create a high-level Position Statement of your asset portfolio.
January 2019 The modelling and financial position statement are intended to give insights into the asset portfolio and to inform Value for Money reporting.
Geographic Information System (GIS) and your Stock
January 2019 SDS are often asked in demonstrations and tenders, whether Stock Profiler can share the calculated NPV and other outputs with GIS?
Putting Strategic Asset Management into Practice seminar 2018
November 2018 Shelton Development Services Ltd continued their series of sector focused, free CPD accredited seminars with the Active Asset Management Seminar in London on October 10th, 2018. Asset and Finance professionals from Housing Associations and Local Authorities attended to hear from sector practitioners and network with their peers.
Launching HomeMatch
November 2018 Matching people with properties
The financial heart of your entire organisation is your stock - let's make it work.
November 2018 Stock Profiler provides easy access to powerful insights that let you take control of your portfolio, unlock value, cut out the bad properties and invest in the good, to maximise your business.
The VfM standard from an asset perspective
November 2018 The regulator’s updated Value for Money (VfM) Standard came into effect from 1st April 2018. The Standard aims to drive improvements in value for money in the sector and more importantly, that it is translated into strategic objectives that can be measured in your business.
Getting to grips with NPV
October 2018 “The value of money changes over time”
So you want to develop? What to look out for....
September 2018 If you're a Local Authority in the early stages of re-engaging with housing development activity, then you know you’re not alone. At least half of UK authorities have already started, or are actively pursuing, delivering their own homes again after changes in Government policy.
Say hello...
August 2018 To our new members of staff Christopher and Harry
Poor Data is holding Housing Associations back from achieving their potential
June 2018 Housing Associations collect lots of data, there can be more than 500 points of data per property, but fragmented systems, poor quality data, and an inability to integrate information stand in the way of being able to realise the potential of this rich resource.
Celebrating our 25th year
June 2018 Shelton Development Services is thrilled to be entering its 25th year, having been founded in 1994 by David Shelton at his home in Cranleigh.
SDS launch e-learning
May 2018 SDS is thrilled to announce we have launched e-learning for ProVal LS and Sequel, to train our clients on the administration and end user areas of our software packages.
Local Authorities: Getting the right housing delivery team in place
May 2018 If you’re a Local Authority that has decided you want to start doing housing delivery for yourself, you’re going to need the right delivery team in place.
Selling Shared Ownership Today in the Local Authority Sector - Part 1
May 2018 As the renaissance of development activity by local authorities continues to gather pace, shared ownership development is starting to come into the conversation.
Shared ownership culture - Part 2
May 2018 There is a view in some parts of the sector that Housing Associations have a culture that is more in tune with selling shared ownership than local authorities.
Begin with the End in Mind - Part 3
May 2018 The first things that all new entrants into shared ownership need to do...
Shared ownership, time to get underway - Part 4
May 2018 So, we’ve decided to develop shared ownership as part of our programme....
Shared ownership, the marketing plan - Part 5
May 2018 A new entrant into selling shared ownership will need to establish their marketing plan, and a significant influence on this will be the outcome of the capability audit.
Shared ownership, brand and branding - Part 6
May 2018 Even amongst experienced shared ownership providers, there is debate upon the need and nature of developing a corporate brand specifically for the shared ownership offering.
Shared ownership, the sales strategy - Part 7
May 2018 It is critical to address the out-turn from the capability audit so as to develop the sales strategy and look at the best method to sell the homes
Shared ownership mortgages and conveyancing - Part 8
May 2018 There are now plenty of lenders out there that will lend on a shared ownership property.
Shared ownership, it's not over when it's over - Part 9
May 2018 So the new entrant local authority has now built and sold its first Shared Ownership development. Let’s recap their sales journey they took to get to this point.
SDS Asset Consultancy held their biannual Asset Seminar in Manchester on 18 April 2018
May 2018 An overview of SDS Asset Seminar
It’s not Over when it’s Over
April 2018 So the new entrant local authority has now built and sold its first Shared Ownership development
SDS to adopt the HACT Shared Data Standard for UK Housing
April 2018 Housing data is not where it should be. Housing providers across the country are struggling to truly benefit from the insights that the data they collect has the potential to offer.
Councils and housing associations urged to collaborate over new homes
April 2018 Thank you 24housing and Bill Tanner for the fabulous review of our Local Authority Seminar.
Major seminar for councils considering home building
April 2018 A major seminar in London today (Feb 28th) looks at the future for councils considering home building – bringing together emerging evidence of the case for such an approach.
Revised Value for Money Standard
March 2018 Homes England has a revised Value for Money Standard that requires you to make the best returns on your assets.
SDS to adopt the HACT Shared Data Standard for UK Housing
February 2018 Housing data is not where it should be. Housing providers across the country are struggling to truly benefit from the insights that the data they collect has the potential to offer.
Proval LS Update Webinar
January 2018 As part of the latest ProVal update we have hosted 2 webinars to show our customers what has been updated and how to use the new features and Catalyst integration.
Using data to understand energy performance and future proof your homes.
January 2018 Using data to understand energy performance and future proof your homes: The Government's 'Clean Growth Strategy’ leading the way to a low carbon future.
Stock Profiler User Group Meeting in Birmingham
December 2017 On 16 November 2017 Shelton Development Services Ltd (SDS) welcomed Stock Profiler users to Birmingham to network, discuss Asset Management and learn about the exciting features planned for the upcoming November release of Stock Profiler.
Combine Social and Financial Scores for a more holistic view of your social and affordable housing portfolio
December 2017 Increasingly, SDS is being asked by Housing Associations (HA) for a more complete holistic view of their social and affordable housing portfolio.
Gold has a price, but learning is priceless.
November 2017 One of the fundamental values at SDS is the continued learning, innovation and development of our staff, products and industry.
The SDS Active Asset Management Seminar 4th October 2017
October 2017 Thank you, everyone, who came to The SDS Active Asset Management Seminar at the beginning of October in London.
5 tips for appraising a scheme
October 2017 Is your appraisal methodology meeting the standard expected by the industry to drive out the best NPV outcome?
SDS wins National Housing Conference best stand award
October 2017 SDS wins National Housing Conference best stand award
The Learning and Performance Institute
October 2017 Congratulations Phil Shelton on gaining the Gold standard accredited learning provider from the Learning & Performance Institute!
Better late than never
October 2017 We had to delay our MacMillan Coffee Morning with all the staff holidays and company events, September was a very busy month for us...
Benchmarking - The importance of efficiency
August 2017 Benchmarking is important to compare performance and review efficiency; it enables comparisons to be drawn between you and similar organisations.
CIH2017 SDS Presentation
June 2017 The SDS Asset Consulting presentation will discuss Active Asset Management, Stock Profiling and the use of data to generate insight and opportunities for value generation for the organisation.
The use of data in active asset management
June 2017 SDS Asset Consultancy at HQN's "From cradle to grave - the life cycle of a property"
Excel 2013 Loading Issues
June 2017 We have become aware of a Microsoft update to Excel 2013 which causes loading issues with both ProVal XL and Landval XL.
SDS launches new asset specialist consultancy arm
June 2017 SDS (Shelton Development Services) is launching a new asset consultancy to help the housing sector. SDS Asset Consultancy is an active Asset Management and Asset Consulting Service that uses the latest systems and processes to generate value for housing clients.
Active Asset Management
May 2017 What is SDS Asset Consultancy's definition of Active Asset Management and how can it help registered providers know the worth of their stock?
Is the LHA cap creating a postcode lottery
April 2017 Does the local housing allowance really help the most vulnerable in our society?
SDS teams up with Aareon UK Ltd and Aareon NL
March 2017 Press Release - Surrey, 20th March 2017. Two of the leading software providers in the social housing sector have entered into partnership in the UK and Europe.
Seminar review: Innovation in Active Asset Management
March 2017 Read the highlights of The Asset Seminar, Manchester 2017.
SDS Asset Consultancy
February 2017 SDS Asset Consultancy is an Active Asset Management and Asset Consulting Service that thrives on the latest systems and processes to generate value for social housing customers.
SDS discusses Active Asset Management and Stock Profiling
February 2017 On 7th February we ran an Asset Profiling Roadshow, kindly hosted by First Choice Homes Oldham. Read about what was discussed by housing professionals from across the North East and West of the country.
SDS award nomination
January 2017 SDS are proud to annouce that we have 2 of our products ProVal and Stock Profiler up for an award at the Housing Innovation awards for the Most Innovative IT System
SDS secures Places for People
January 2017 We are delighted to share this article published in 24 housing regarding our new deal with Places for People.
Phil Shelton writes on Housing for Young People
October 2016 Read South East business magazine's article on Phil Shelton's thoughts on improving chances for young people to find a home.
Active Asset Property Management
August 2016 Active Asset Property Management, a presentation by James Laird & Mike Victory-Rowe, 21st September ICC Birmingham 3pm
HANA Awards 2016
July 2016 HANA Awards, congratulations to the winners
NHF Salutes the Late Founder of the UK's Leading Supplier of Development Software
June 2016 The National Housing Federation is paying tribute to SDS founder and chairman, the late David Shelton, at the HANA Awards on Tuesday (5th July) in London. In the official programme the NHF describes David as ‘a great ambassador for the affordable housing sector, and well-respected within the industry
Support Services at SDS
June 2016 At SDS we run a very knowledgable and helpful ( our clients words) support service for our customers. As our customer base is growing we are receiving an increased number of calls. In order to ensure that our high levels of service are continued we need to ensure that we have the necessary procedures in place to cope with our increased customer base. With immediate effect if you need support services, then as a first point of contact, please contact us by email on , this means that your needs will be logged and dealt with in a quick and efficient manner.
Business Continuity Planning
June 2016 At SDS we believe in working together to assure your business continuity, we value our customers and work hard to both deliver software solutions which meet your key business requirements and build strong relationships based on trust. This is why we are working in partnership with global information assurance provider NCC Group, to offer you business continuity protection through an escrow agreement.
News Update for Catalyst Benchmarking Club
June 2016 News update for Catalyst Benchmarking Club members. Final submission dates for the Catalyst website.
SDS Seminar Driving Ambition Through Change
June 2016 A highly topical seminar for development and asset professionals in the social housing sector
SDS Charity Challenge 2016
June 2016 The three peaks challenge, three peaks in three countries in 24 hours, here we go on wards and upwards oh and down again read on and follow our story
Why staying in the EU will help housing. The SDS View
May 2016 With less than a month till the referendum, when it comes to housing, the case to stay in the EU is overwhelming. There are those that want to leave and those that think we should remain in, but what would the implications be for social housing?
The difference between loan payback and NPV
May 2016 Have a look at our latest article on development viability
Welcome to our new Starters
April 2016 Andrew's thrilled to have his team expanding, we are proud to announce that our new Marketing Manager and New Business Team Executive made it through their first week.
2016 User Group Meetings
April 2016 Our annual User Group Meetings are only round the corner. You can see us in Birmingham, Wales and Manchester.
Our latest fantastic achievements
April 2016 SDS Apprentice becomes the first person to score 100% in QA’s Final Sales Apprenticeship Exam while we make the finals of the Toast of Surrey Awards!
Raised 31% of our target
April 2016 As the 3 Peak Challenge is lingering nearer, we need to start getting our fundraising hats on even more.
Fantastic Conference
March 2016 We had such fun at the Finance Conference this year, the new venue and location had such an impact on the atmosphere.
We look forward to seeing you
March 2016 Tomorrow we will be taking to the road to head up to Liverpool ready for the Finance in Housing Conference at the ACC Liverpool
Finance Conference Final Preperations
March 2016 Only 1 week until Phil unleashes the SDS team for 2 days at the Housing Finance Conference and Exhibition.
Sunday Funday - 3 Peak Training
February 2016 Have a look at how our first team training session went.
The Asset Seminar
February 2016 Stress Testing, Value for Money and The Assets and Liabilities Register - 2nd March 2016.
SDS, Three Peaks, 24 Hours
February 2016 We are raising money for Shooting Star Chase Hospice in memory of David Shelton.
5 spots left for our March seminar
February 2016 Only a few weeks until we arrive in Birmingham, don't miss your chance to explore the current hot topics that may safeguard your business.
Agenda; Stock up at Breakfast
February 2016 Our Asset Roadshows kick off next week in Liverpool and Newbury, so it's a great chance for you to see Stock Profiler in action at our client's offices.
Check your post!
January 2016 Where is January going? Our first event of 2016 is only a few short weeks away. Make sure you’ve booked your seat!
Stock up at Breakfast
January 2016 Stress testing assets has become vital for forward planning with the ever changing needs of the industry. So stay up to date, beat the crowd and book onto our events today.
When's the right time to exit a estate?
January 2016 Have you ever wondered about the NPV of an entire estate? Stock Profiler will allow you to make an informed decision about when it's right to quit.
Stress Testing and Big Unforeseen Spend on Properties.
January 2016 Stock Profiler allows you to manipulate your stock data in such detail that you able to cope with unexpected expenditure.
Pinpoint Your Lowest Earning Stock
January 2016 Have a look at how Stock Profiler can become a key part in your organizations asset strategy and help you make more informed investment decisions.
Another SDS Seminar Success
December 2015 Take a look at some of the feedback we received from our last seminar of 2015, keep an eye out for 2016 events!
Birmingham Seminar - What is the future for development?
December 2015 We are looking forward to discussing the Government spending review with everyone tomorrow.
CSR Budget, better than expected.
November 2015 Read Phil Shelton's view of the new CSR budget.
We're at Homes 2015 at Olympia
November 2015 First year we'll be attending the Homes 2015 conference in London November 18/19
Christian Action talks about how ProVal has helped them.
November 2015 Christian Action is based in North London and work in partnerships with local authorities,the community and voluntary sector, private sector organisations. They seek to bring high quality service and affordability to their customers.
A very sad day for SDS
October 2015 It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our founder and Chairman, David Shelton.
Congratulations to Peabody for Darbishire Place
October 2015 We are proud to see that Peabody have been put forward for the RIBA Stirling award for there innovative development.
Seminar :- After recent changes to Government policy what is the future of development?
October 2015 It's been a hot summer in the world of development with the announcement of the budget coming as a shock to everyone. SO there will be lots to talk about at our November Seminar
How to Deflate Target Rents
September 2015 This blog shows a table of present predicted target rents and the new corrected rent.
Northern Ireland Roadshow Success
September 2015 We are delighted to have completed our first roadshow in Northern Ireland.
Peaks & Plains are hosting our November Roadshow
September 2015 Make sure you book a place at our last 2015 Product Roadshow where we will be looking at Financial Viability, Project Management and Stock Profiling.
7th October Asset Seminar Agenda
September 2015 Please see here for our Asset Seminar Agenda.
Product Roadshow in Newent
September 2015 Two Rivers are kindly hosting a Product Roadshow, in there Newent premises.
Only a week until our Northern Ireland roadshow
September 2015 Andrew and James are preparing for our first ever overseas roadshow. We will be covering Financial Viability, Project Management and Stock Profiling.
Looking forward to our Helm roadshow
September 2015 The next in our popular series of roadshows is on the 22nd September in Belfast
What really is affordable?
August 2015 Read our latest Article by our consultant Simon Maggs.
A big welcome to our new clients
August 2015 We are delighted to welcome our new clients who are using our software for the first time and to thank our current clients who have recently added to their development suite of software.
Great feedback from a recent training session on ProVal LS
August 2015 This extract is from a completed feedback form at a new client's ProVal LS training.
London Asset Seminar Speakers
August 2015 Take a closer look at who will be speaking at the next in our popular seminar series.
Calling all Sequel customers using Capita Open Housing
August 2015 If you are using both these systems, we'd like to talk to you!
Welfare Reform and issues surrounding rent reduction
August 2015 This update is further to the publication of the Welfare Reform and Work Act (2015). This bill will be going through committee in September, at which point it has a "call for evidence"
Calling all Non- ProVal users
July 2015 How will you cope with the changes to rent inflation?
Rent Reduction - ProVal XL & LS
July 2015 Changes announced in last week's budget mean housing associations will be forced to reduce rents by 1% per year for the next four years, tearing up a previous agreement which would have seen above inflation increased or 10 years
ProVal LS - Quick PDF Tip
July 2015 If you want to take a quick PDF snapshot of what's on your screen we have two methods.
CEO Response to Budget
July 2015 Phil's Response to the new Budget Proposal
Seminar Success - Developing under a new Government
June 2015 June 10th 2015 marks our most success seminar yet! Thank you to everyone involved
Viability Clinic at the Great Homes & Communities Conference
June 2015 Only 2 weeks away till we're back in Warwick
Job Opportunity!
June 2015 Come and Join the SDS Team!
Cranfield Business Challenge
June 2015 SDS takes part in its first school challenge, those who took part found the the project to be innovative for everyone involved!
SDS will arrive in Wales next week
June 2015 Our Viability, Asset and Project Management roadshow kicks off at 9am on Thursday 18th June at RCT Homes!
We're attending the NHF Great Homes & Communities Conference
June 2015 It’s already coming to that time of year again where we will be going back up to Warwick University for the annual NHF Great Homes & Communities conference (formerly known as the Development Conference.)
Seminar: Developing Under a New Government Update!
June 2015 Only a couple days to go before our latest Seminar is underway, we have had a lot of excitement about this one
SDS Comes to Wales and the Surrounding Areas!
June 2015 We are hosting a Viability, Project and Asset Management roadshow at RCT homes on the 18th June.
What's happened around the UK in the last 7 days
May 2015 Take a look at some of the news stories in social housing over the last week.
Developing Under The New Government
May 2015 Our June Seminar is designed to take a look at the affordable housing development post election
SDS Welcomes Helm Housing (Northern Ireland)
May 2015 Welcoming our newest client Helm Housing
Habitat for Humanity: Nepal Earthquake Appeal
April 2015 We're supporting Habitat for Humanity in their Nepal Earthquake appeal.
2015 User Group Meetings
April 2015 We are holding our annual User Group meetings again this year in May, the locations are Birmingham, London and Manchester.
What's happened around the UK in the last 7 days
April 2015 Take a look at some of the social housing news stories from the last week
Another fantastic Finance Conference
March 2015 We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came and saw our new stand at the NHF Finance Conference this year.
The Finance Conference is only a week away
March 2015 We made a real splash with our birthday party last year, so this year we’ve pulled out all the stops with a big surprise and a chance to win a small indulgence for you and your team….
Three weeks till the NHF Finance Conference
March 2015 In Warwick You'll be able to chat to our experienced team, Alison, Andrew, James, Paul, Shelia and our new apprentice April.
Attention all ProVal XL Users
February 2015 In MS Excel 2013, the default behaviour is now to merge any newly started instance of Excel with any currently running instance of Excel. Apparently, Word has worked this way for some time, and Microsoft think this is a simpler, easier way to run things.
The NHF Finance Conference is nearly upon us
February 2015 The NHF Finance Conference in Warwick is only four weeks away!
Places going fast at our Manchester Asset Seminar
February 2015 At our Manchester Asset Management Seminar on the 25th of March we have a whole range of experienced speakers
Stock Profiler open demos are now fully booked
February 2015 We are now fully booked in Bristol and London.
See how Sovereign HA use Stock Profiler for their asset profiling.
February 2015 Value for money is now a vital aspect of asset management. Here, we interview Mickey Cummins, Sovereign’s Strategic Stock Manager, on their use of SDS Stock Profiler.
Calling on anyone involved in developing houses on infill sites
February 2015 We have a London-based HA client who is seeking advice from fellow developers who have experience of building on infill site
FREE DEMOS on all you need to know about asset management
February 2015 NEW Stock Profiler has successfully been developed with a major housing association to provide a model which profiles your entire housing stock.
Financial Viability discussed on BBCs One Show last night
February 2015 Last night's One Show highlighted the regeneration of a West Hendon housing estate and discussed, amongst other topics, the issue of financial viability.
High profile HCA speaker announced for asset seminar on 25th March in Manchester
January 2015 We’re delighted to announce that Alison Mathias, Policy Manager at the HCA, is announced as keynote speaker for our forthcoming seminar in Manchester.
Stock Profiler takes to the road with open demos
January 2015 This is your chance to see NEW Stock Profiler in action with open demos in London and Bristol coming up.
Congratulations to our clients nominated for the 2015 Innovation Awards
January 2015 We're delighted to see so many of our clients on the nomination list for the 2015 Housing Innovation Awards
What a great way to start a happy new year
January 2015 It's been a great start to 2015, coming in to be greeted by the news of winning our first customer in Northern Ireland!
A great way to end the year with a hello to new customers
December 2014 It's been a fantastic year and we're delighted to have welcomed a great number of new customers. Here's who has signed up in the last couple of months.
SDS goes back to the roaring twenties and scrubs up well for the party
December 2014 It was Downton Abbey all the way at the SDS Christmas bash last Friday. Staff were hardly recognisable in their finery - see if you can spot Charlie Chaplin!
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
December 2014 The Christmas holidays are almost upon us and we're looking forward to the annual SDS bash tomorrow evening. For office opening and product support hours click through here.
Read here how ProVal calculates NPV data using certain key assumptions
December 2014 In ProVal we calculate a few different NPVs, as requested by our varied client base. Which one is important to you depends on what your organisation has chosen to base its investment criteria on.
Note for Landval users on the new Stamp Duty rates
December 2014 The government’s Autumn Statement introduced a major overhaul of Stamp Duty Land Tax. In brief, the amount you have to pay may change, but this will depend on the circumstances of the purchase.
Keith Searle comments on impact of Florries Law on refurbishment and repair
December 2014 The recently introduced cap on the amount social landlords can charge leaseholders could discourage major work on properties, warns Keith Searle.
PROVAL INFLATION UPDATE has been sent out to all users
November 2014 An update for both the XL and LS versions has been emailed to all of our ProVal clients. In addition, the LS update contains new features and improvements.
Andrew Markham explains Viability in one easy lesson
November 2014 Andrew explains viability and how to interpret a ProVal appraisal. Covering general principles of appraising a new build scheme, he covers development strategy, relative impact of inputs, recognising good and bad results and understanding internal subsidy.
Jon Mallen Beadle explains the success of Keelman Homes at FREE seminar
October 2014 Jon tells the story of how Keelman Homes was set to originally develop homes in a local village. They went on to obtain funding from the HCA to reduce reliance on borrowing from the Council and to ensure that any private sector borrowing does not contribute to the overall public sector debt.
Andrew Palmer tells Winchester City Council's story at FREE seminar
October 2014 Andrew takes us through the last two years of development at WCC and tells they are considering setting up a company to compete in the private market by avoiding borrowing caps.
David January examines Alternative and Emerging Funding at FREE seminar
October 2014 David will talk about alternative and emerging funding, delivery options and what the effects of political changes in the next 12 months might have on your programme.
Steve Cooper discusses how to deliver quality developments at FREE seminar
October 2014 Steve covers the practical issues that need to be managed in delivering LA new build and how to navigate successfully from project inception through to completion.
Steve Hale tells the Nottingham City Homes story at FREE seminar
October 2014 Steve will present “Building a better Nottingham” and talk about how NCH are delivering affordable and market rent new-build homes through HRA Self Financing via an ALMO.
Mark Vaughan from HCA announced as keynote speaker for our LA Seminar
October 2014 Mark gives an overview of the expanding role of the HCA in bringing forward public land, the tools available to assist other public bodies in the disposal of land and procurement of services and the HCA’s approach to de-risking sites and land disposal in the North West.
FREE seminar for Local Authorities now taking bookings
October 2014 The next in our popular series of LA seminars is taking place on 12th November in Manchester.
Who are the latest new customers to sign up
October 2014 We're delighted to welcome a group of new and existing users who have taken on our software products
Success at the Asset Management Seminar
September 2014 Senior executives, councillors, asset managers and housing managers from local authorities, ALMO's and RHP's converged at SDS’ Asset Management Seminar today
Warming up for the 3rd in our series of asset management seminars
September 2014 We’re on the countdown to our next asset management seminar, Managing Assets - the Strategic Challenge, on 18th September.
Local Housing Allowance succinctly explained by David Shelton
September 2014 After a recent chat with the Valuation Office Agency, David Shelton unravels the confusion surrounding LHAs
Read the latest update by David Shelton on the housing market today
September 2014 David looks back over 20 years of social housing development and looks forward to the challenges of the future.
A warm welcome is extended to our latest new clients
July 2014 A busy summer continues and we're delighted to welcome some new clients.
SDS expands to meet needs of growing customer base
July 2014 An exciting opportunity has arisen to work in our support and development team.
See who has signed up to SDS in the past three months
May 2014 We're delighted that the following organisations have recently signed up to use SDS products.
Three events for your diary for May and June 2014
May 2014 User Group Meetings, Mini Demos and a FREE seminar for Local Authorities
Sequel makes monitoring development cashflows easy for Longhurst Group
April 2014 Read the article published in Housing Technology's March 2014 issue here.
What happens at conference as they say
March 2014 It was never a dull moment at this year's NHF Finance Conference.
SDS presents Lifetime Contribution Award at the HANAAs
March 2014 We're delighted to be sponsoring the award for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution at this year's HAANAs, organised by the NHF.
Longhurst Group are a long standing client
January 2014 Longhurst Group owns more than 17,900 homes across the Midlands and East of England. Read here how they've been using SDS development software since 2004.
Happy New Year from SDS with two new staff members
January 2014 A warm and heartfelt "Happy New Year" goes out to all our customers and everyone who is now back at work and looking ahead to a busy and prosperous 2014.
Great seminar last week shows Local Authorities the way
January 2014 Success at last week's seminar on Development for Local Authorities with over 50 people attending.
Christmas support hours at SDS
December 2013 If you need support over the Christmas period, here's our opening hours
Benchmarking might have saved the day
December 2013 Inside Housing's recent article "HCA to downgrade providers over value for money" highlights why its so important for social housing developers to benchmark their projects
A warm SDS welcome to our new clients
December 2013 We're delighted to have a few more new clients on board to finish off the year
ProVal Update for the new RPI for rent increases
December 2013 ProVal users will shortly receive system updates to deal with the new guidelines on rent for 2014-15. See a summary here.
New Social Rent Policy is a hot topic for our seminar next week
November 2013 We reckon this is a subject that will be hotly discussed at our seminar next week!
One week to go and a few more places available on our free LA Seminar
November 2013 We've moved this event to a larger room so there are a few places left on this popular seminar.
A huge thanks to all attendees and speakers who came to our Asset Management seminar on Wednesday 24th October.
October 2013 Another of our very successful seminars on housing matters was attended by a full house of senior figures from a range of housing providers.
We're delighted to reveal our latest list of new clients
October 2013 Take a look at who's recently signed up for SDS Products and Services
NIfHA Conference debut for SDS
October 2013 We're exhibiting for the first time at the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations Annual Conference so please come and see us on Stand 5 17-18th October 2013
ProVal and 3 Dragons FAQ
October 2013 We often find ourselves presenting ProVal to Registered Providers and Local Authorities who have used the GLA Toolkit, 3 Dragons, but are in need of more functionality and better reporting options.
LATEST NEWS - SDS making a big stand at the Social Housing Exhibition in Birmingham next week
September 2013 Come and see us on Stand A52 at next week's Social Housing Exhibition at the ICC in Birmingham.
In the pink with Champagne prize
September 2013 Riverside's Sharon Wilkie was the lucky winner of our prize draw for a bottle of champagne which was hand delivered by Andrew Markham today!
FREE ASSET MANAGEMENT SEMINAR - Sponsored by Rund Partnership
August 2013 Rund Partnership, the highly respected specialist surveying and construction consultancy, are sponsoring the next in our popular series of FREE SEMINARS - Managing Assets, Managing Change.
New partnership between SDS and the National Housing Federation
August 2013 Our new partnership with the NHF will give you a direct line to the ear of government so you can now do your bit to directly influence housing policy.
Who has signed up to SDS in 2013
August 2013 It's August already and we've had a busy year! See which Local Authorities, Housing Associations and ALMOs have signed up to SDS for ProVal, Sequel and other products
Read article by Keith Searle in Local Government News
July 2013 Keith Searle writes about how Local Authorities are becoming the new housebuilders and what they should look out for in order to be successful.
A big thanks to everyone we met at the Development Conference
July 2013 We'd like to express our thanks to everyone we met on our stand at the NHF Development Conference last week at Warwick University.
Local Authorities - the new Housebuilders
July 2013 The new HRA subsidy system has triggered the first major council building programmes for a generation. But can local authorities deliver? Keith Searle gives his view.
One of our ProVal customers needs help with developing properties for Market Rent
June 2013 Can you help one of our RP ProVal customers who is looking for assistance from a similar organisation who have experience of developing units for market rent?
Thanks to everyone who attended our User Group Meetings
June 2013 We'd like to thank all of our clients who attended this year's User Group Meetings. They were a great success, particularly the new Interactive Session.
See who has signed up to using SDS products in the last three months
June 2013 In the wake of many Local Authorities starting to develop their own social housing, we've been installing ProVal in sites across the UK. See which authorities are now on board and who else has started using our software.
Is this another regulation spanner in the works for RHP funding
May 2013 The past few years have seen an extraordinary period of change for the finances of social landlords. Read Keith Searle's view on the latest proposal from the new Prudential Regulation Authority.
Training Courses coming up for June and July
May 2013 See which courses are coming up in June and July at our Guildford Training Centre with places still available.
Congratulations to all of our clients who have been appointed to the HCA development panel
April 2013 Its great to see that many of our clients have won a place on the Homes and Communities Agency’s development panel.
ProVal XL and MS Office 2013
April 2013 If you are upgrading to MS Office 2013 for use with ProVal XL then please be aware that there may be some compatibility issues.
We are delighted to award Eric Armitage with Outstanding Lifetime Contribution Award at the HANAAs
March 2013 This year we sponsored the Oustanding Lifetime Contribution Award at the HANAAs and we're delighted to have given this award to Eric Armitage of Symphony Housing Group.
Dealing with Temporary Social Housing in Proval
March 2013 Read David Shelton's article on temporary social housing and the way it can be appraised in ProVal.
Welcome to our newest clients
March 2013 We're delighted to welcome the following organisations as new users of our software.
Please let us know if you're attending the Finance Conference in Warwick
March 2013 Come and meet us on STAND 18 at this year's NHF Finance Conference, Warwick University 20th & 21st March.
Catalyst Club Annual Meeting announced
March 2013 All members are encouraged to attend as there will be changes announced concerning future reporting arrangements. Anyone considering joining the club, or thinking about benchmarking their development programme, is also welcome.
Coastline and Spectrum join Magna to make it 3 in 1 for SDS Catalyst Club
March 2013 Source Housing Partnership are now member of the SDS Catalyst Benchmarking Club.
Government invites bids for GBP225m homes fund - making sense of this latest announcement
March 2013 This latest announcement relates to the affordable homes guarantee fund. Keith Searle explains how it will work
Upgrades flying in at SDS for new ProVal LS
February 2013 More and more ProVal XL users have now upgraded to the new LS version.
SDS User Group meeting dates announced
February 2013 This is your chance to meet with us to see our latest improvements and some exciting new products, as well as networking with other like-minded organisations.
Proval Poll Results - thanks to everyone who took part
February 2013 We asked for responses to a poll regarding changes to interest rates in ProVal when calculating interst costs on a development.
ProVal LS users - useful tips and guides
February 2013 You'll find useful tips and information on using ProVal LS on our website.
Bespoke Property Consultants use ProVal all the time
February 2013 Having used SDS ProVal in previous jobs and consultancy roles, Simon Corp of Bespoke Property Consultants was keen to get the system on board.
January 2013 Should we change the way ProVal calculates Development Cashflow Interest?
Guildford Borough Council now use SDS ProVal XL for development viaiblity
January 2013 In April 2012, when Guildford Borough Council made the decision to undertake housing development themselves, the need for a robust and reliable viability tool came to light.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our customers
December 2012 Good wishes to you all! Read more to see opening & support hours over the holidays.
Attention ProVal users - Inflation updates have now been issued
December 2012 ProVal (XL & LS) inflation updates have now been issued and target rents for 2013-14 are to be adjusted.
Enquiries from Housing Associations for SDS Landval is on the increase
December 2012
Thanks to everyone who attended our New Homes, New Opportunities seminar
December 2012 On Friday 30th November, we ran our highly successful seminar on housing development for Local Authorities and it was another brilliant day.
Network Housing Group expand use of SDS Sequel
November 2012 Network Housing Group has purchased additional Sequel licences to expand usage within their Development Team
Calling all current ProVal XL users - IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding upgrading to ProVal LS
October 2012 As a user of ProVal XL (ProVal running in Excel) you may now wish to upgrade to ProVal LS. There are many enhanced features and improvements in LS over your current XL package.
Another FREE seminar for Local Authorities to be held in November. Read what people say about the last one.
October 2012 Our next seminar will be held on 30th November in Milton Keynes - details to be posted shortly. The June event was hugely successful - read here what the attendees said about the day
NEW Housing Development Manual NOW AVAILABLE!
October 2012 Tap into years of expertise in the social housing sector - your guide through the internal and external processes necessary to deliver a development, while meeting all requirements and greatly reducing risk of non-compliance.
Savills AVM and SDS ProVal link up
October 2012 SDS and Savills have agreed to link the Savills Automated Valuation Model (AVM) with the SDS ProVal viability appraisal application.
Thanks to everyone at the KHG
September 2012 Yesterday's Kent Housing Group Seminar was a fantastic day for us with excellent speakers and a great chance to network
See who's come on board at SDS
September 2012 Since our last newsletter several new clients have come on board
Andrew & Georgina's big day!
September 2012 We'd like to wish Andrew and his lovely bride George a fantastic day today
Livin take on Sequel to work alongside ProVal
August 2012 Livin Housing Association have recently purchased our project management software to dovetail with SDS ProVal
A new team member for SDS
July 2012 We're very pleased to welcome Tony Roach to our software development team.
Welcome on Board!
July 2012 See who has started using SDS Products over the past couple of months
Another Gold Standard Training Accreditation for SDS
July 2012 We are delighted to announce that we've achieved a Gold Standard Accreditation from the Learning and Performance Institute for another year
Congratulations to Andrew on his new addition!
July 2012 We're delighted to say hello to little Isabella Holly Markham, born yesterday morning.
Great success at New Homes, New Opportunities seminar
June 2012 To everyone who attended our seminar on 15th June, we'd like to say a big Thank You!
Bon Voyage to Jan!
June 2012 We're sorry to say that after several years with SDS, Jan has decided to take early retirement and spent her last day here yesterday.
SDS Sequel - New Software Update
May 2012 A new version of Sequel has been completed and will be released shortly. It includes some minor fixes as well as useful updates.
Why Accent Group jumped at the chance to upgrade to ProVal LS
May 2012 When Accent Group heard about the release of the new Proval LS, they were very keen to get on board.
New Homes, New Opportunites - a FREE seminar for Local Authorities
May 2012 Bringing you leading companies and experts who are already assisting Local Authorities with new Social Housing. Gain invaluable tips and guidance and network with like-minded colleagues from other authorities.
SDS shortlisted for two Housing Excellence Awards
March 2012 The Housing Excellence Awards, due to be held in May, are recognised as highly prestigious within the housing industry and attract nominations from all corners of the sector.
Software hints & tips
March 2012 Viewing appraisals in ProVal LS
ProVal LS - who's upgraded
March 2012 Find out here which organisations have already upgraded and are using the new ProVal LS
Software update - SDS Sequel
March 2012 A new update for Sequel is being worked on at the moment, which will include some minor fixes.
SDS ProVal XL shortlisted for Innovation Award
March 2012 We were delighted to have been shortlisted for Most Innovative IT Product at the recent Housing Innovation Awards in London.
Top notch SDS training now being delivered in Australia as well as the UK
January 2012 Our Australian partner, Impact Group, are delivering the same high standards of training and support on ProVal XL, ProVal LS and Sequel as we maintain here in the UK.
North Star Housing Group's purchase of SDS ProVal
January 2012 January's edition of Housing Technology includes the following article showing how North Star chose SDS ProVal to improve the group's development appraisal methodology.
The day of the LA may be here
December 2011 The role of local authorities in the provision of affordable housing is becoming much more important. As a result, the relationship between authorities and associations needs to change
Calling All ProVal XL Users - Rent Inflation Information
November 2011 The recently issued ProVal XL does not include the latest RPI rent inflation.
Challenge your Local Authority!
November 2011 Why Registered Providers should challenge their LA partners about a reluctance to use the New Homes Bonus for funding new housing
SDS Sequel Latest Update
November 2011 Version 6.1.1 released
Two great Sequel software updates!
October 2011 Download a Sequel to Brixx Export Utility and Sequel Microsoft Office Addins here
Why would stimulating the supply of housing, especially to first time buyers, help UK businesses?
October 2011 Read Phil Shelton's response to a question posed by a leading UK business school, using research published by the NHF, Inside Housing, and
Our latest newsletter now out!
October 2011 Catch up on the latest SDS updates and read about our exploits down under as well as upcoming training dates and the Last Word from Phil.
Limited spaces available at SDS User Group Meetings!
September 2011 There are still a small number of spaces available on our User Group Meetings so please let us know if you would like to attend.
New training venues in Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester
August 2011 You can now attend SDS training courses and seminars around the UK at Guildford, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester.
Newsflash! 20% discount off our training sessions in July and August
August 2011 20% discount off our training sessions in July and August, only at your offices.
Developing Social Housing with Affordable Rent
August 2011 Read David Shelton's article published in 24 housing magazine's finance supplement and see why there is a very real prospect that social housing grant could become as rare as hen's teeth.
Help for all ProVal users completing the HCA 2011-15 bid document
August 2011 We have prepared a free workbook to be used in conjunction with ProVal, to help you complete the HCA 2011-15 Offer Template.
SDS invite clients to our annual user group meetings
August 2011 We are pleased to invite our clients to our annual user group meetings, being held this year in Guildford, Bristol and Birmingham.
ProVal LS 11.6.4 trials
August 2011 On the 29th July, SDS released the final trial Proval LS 11.6.4 version to a number of clients to tryout until the final release date on 5th September.
Introducing the new and updated SDS website
August 2011 After months of planning, designing, writing, developing and testing, the updated SDS website finally went live last week.
The recent riots
August 2011 SDS would like to extend their sympathies to our clients and those affected by the violence.
SDS forms partnership with Australian property and construction consultancy Impact Group
August 2011 SDS is excited to announce that it is forming a partnership with specialist property and construction consultancy, Impact Group, who is based in Sydney, Australia.
A big thanks to everyone we met at the Development Conference
July 2011 We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone we met at the conference.
SDS arrive at Astra House, Cranleigh
June 2011 SDS move premises to Astra House in Cranleigh
Eildon Housing Association - our first Scottish customer!
June 2011 Eildon Housing Association, based in Selkirk, is the fist Scottish Housing Association to fully install our systems.
SDS Wins Best Stand Award
April 2011 We're delighted to have won the Best Stand award at this year's Finance Conference.

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