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You can see us throughout the year at various roadshows, conferences, exhibitions, seminars and user group meetings for our customers.
Industry Events
SDS is dedicated to supporting the housing sector and will always exhibit at major events in the conference calendar. Our two most important events are NHF finance conference held yearly in Liverpool alongside the CIH’s housing festival held annually in Manchester.

We find these events the most popular with our clients and an ideal opportunity to network and spend quality time with all our customers across the UK. SDS sends staff across departments to attend and immerse themselves in all the key challenges facing the sector to enable a solution-focussed company culture.

More recently, SDS is present at the NHF’s Affordable home ownership conference in London, engaging with housing professionals, attending industry seminars and listening to our customers to drive improvement to our products and services.

SDS also sends consultant representatives to all the regional CIH conferences. This is to keep abreast of changes in legislation, and how the sector plans to respond to specific regional challenges. SDS has a wide variety of clients situated in various geographical locations throughout the country. Our attendance at these events further emphasises our commitment to customers wherever they are in the UK, not just London!
SDS Events
Prior to Covid, SDS would host regional user group meetings across the UK and will be restarting these in 2023.

The usual SDS tour includes the North, Midlands, Bristol and Cardiff. Our footprint is expanding in Scotland and Northern Ireland and we will be looking to include these locations in the upcoming schedule.

At these events, we set out our product roadmap for the future and showcase the different functionality and improvements in our product portfolio. We also have expert speakers who impart their knowledge, tips and tricks. The user group meetings are also a great way to network with fellow sector professionals. If you would be interested in hosting, please contact a member of SDS staff.

Supplementing this busy event schedule are product roadshows and best practice seminars. Product Roadshows focus entirely on how our products are used by our community of users. This could be new and improved features, upgrades or latest product versions.
SDS Events

In 2020, SDS had to find different vehicles of communicating and supporting our clients. We started a webinar series that involves hosting industry experts to share their insights, alongside sector view analysis by our team who work with our customers on  daily basis.

A single episode regularly amasses over 150 registrations with attendees from the Greater London Authority, Homes England and the regulator.

These webinars continue take place monthly and include sector experts discussing best practice and sharing their experience in the field.


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