Spotlight on Landval Cloud Tom Hedges July 10, 2024

Spotlight on Landval Cloud

Landval Cloud is the latest software product update from SDS, now available for purchase. The application is fully cloud-based and designed to facilitate residential land valuation and appraisal for private developers and registered providers (RPs). Developed by Shelton Development Services (SDS) with a focus on the residential housing sector.

Landval Cloud is utilised by large national developers, including two of the top ten largest commercial house builders in the UK; its competitive pricing structure makes it also accessible to smaller local developers. The software is essential for optimising dwelling mixes to produce competitive land values, making it a critical asset in the property development industry.

Key Features and Functionality

Landval Cloud stands out due to its intuitive and straightforward appraisal methodology, allowing users to complete appraisals quickly with minimal information, which is particularly beneficial for developers who need to make quick decisions and capitalise on market opportunities. Despite its simplicity and easy-to-use interface, Landval Cloud also supports detailed appraisals, enabling comprehensive analysis of costs for more complex projects.

One of Landval Cloud’s standout features is its flexibility, capable of storing details for thousands of house types. Predefined standard libraries and templates help ensure consistency across all appraisals. This feature is crucial for developers who manage multiple projects in different regions and need to maintain uniformity in their valuations.

Detailed Cost Analysis and Cashflow Management

Landval Cloud provides tools for detailed cost analysis through its appendices, allowing for a thorough breakdown of various costs associated with a project. Users can analyse unit costs, external costs, build abnormals, technical fees, marketing costs, land abnormals, and acquisition fees. This comprehensive approach ensures that no cost is overlooked, providing a more accurate and reliable appraisal.

The software also includes advanced cashflow management capabilities. Users can define key dates for land acquisition, building programmes, and sales income, allowing for precise calculation of development interest. Construction costs and sales income can be spread automatically, either in a straight line or as an S-curve expenditure profile. This flexibility is invaluable for developers who need to manage their cash flow meticulously to ensure the financial viability of their projects.

Profit and Sensitivity Analysis

The software allows for separate unit profit analysis and includes part-exchange units. Users can specify a gross profit margin to calculate a residual land value or specify a land value to show a residual gross profit margin. This feature is particularly useful for developers who need to understand the profitability of their projects under different scenarios.

Landval Cloud also offers land value sensitivity modelling capability. Users can set up target profit margins, and the software reports the revised land value to meet these targets. Additionally, users can set a target land value or target gross profit margin, and Landval Cloud will report the percentage change in sales values required to meet these targets. This sensitivity analysis helps developers make informed decisions by understanding how changes in various factors affect the overall project profitability.


The software provides extensive reporting options, allowing users to generate detailed reports for internal analysis or presentation to stakeholders. These reports include a range of profit margins, site coverage details, plotting density, and other critical statistics. Examples of these reports can be downloaded from our webpage.

Training and Support

SDS provides full support and training for Landval Cloud users, reducing the burden of onboarding for new starters and ensuring the system is used correctly. Training sessions typically last half a day and can be conducted either on-site or over Teams. Users will be fully equipped to utilise the software effectively, maximising its potential benefits for their projects. Comprehensive support and training set us apart and guarantee successful implementation of the software. Additionally, the software includes on-screen help notes and a detailed manual, making it user-friendly and accessible even for those who may not be familiar with all its features.

System Requirements and Compatibility

Landval Cloud is the first true Cloud full SaaS solution from SDS. Users connect using a web browser, as they would for other traditional B2C services such as Spotify or Netflix. This ensures minimal admin and IT involvement while maintaining high performance and speed.


Landval Cloud is a powerful tool for residential land valuation and appraisal, offering a range of features that cater to both quick, high-level appraisals and detailed, comprehensive analyses. Its intuitive interface, extensive database, advanced cashflow management, and robust reporting capabilities make it an invaluable asset for developers. With full support and training provided by SDS, users can be confident in their ability to leverage Landval Cloud to optimise their projects and make informed, profitable decisions. Whether used by large national developers or smaller local developers, Landval Cloud stands out as a leading solution in the property development industry.

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