SDS Product Roadmap Update: Integrating Customer Feedback Tom Hedges July 3, 2024

SDS Product Roadmap Update: Integrating Customer Feedback

At the 2024 User Group Meetings (UGMs) held over the past couple of months in Cardiff, Manchester and London, we presented our draft product roadmap to attendees. As discussed during the sessions, our goal is to deliver Landval, Proval, and Sequel as integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) products hosted in the Cloud. This integration will eliminate the need for data migration, providing seamless access through a web browser without requiring support from your internal IT teams.

Our Commitment to Progress

We acknowledge the delays in fulfilling our long-standing promise, however, with SDS’s renewed direction, we are dedicated to making significant strides. Recently, we launched Landval Cloud as a SaaS product, integrating valuable customer feedback from our earlier demos and trials. This launch demonstrates our commitment to customer-driven innovation, marking a significant milestone in our journey and the start of great things to come.

Your Feedback Matters

Understanding that our roadmap is a draft, we sought extensive feedback from our customers that attended the UGMs. Attendees participated in an exercise using sticky notes to share what they liked, disliked, and wished to change about our software. These insights are invaluable and will shape our roadmap moving forward.

Next Steps

Our next steps involve a thorough analysis of all the feedback we received, to identify necessary enhancements in our existing products before transitioning fully to the SaaS versions. This feedback will inform our development priorities, timelines, and overall roadmap.

Once our plan is finalised, we will publish the updated roadmap on our new customer portal. Additionally, we will seek further customer-led input on wireframes and designs to test early functionality. This continuous feedback loop ensures that you play a crucial role in shaping the future of our products.

Current and Future Roadmap

Stay tuned for updates on our progress and how your feedback is shaping the future of SDS products.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement.

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