Press Release: SDS Introduces LandVal Cloud  Ricky Prota June 5, 2024

Press Release: SDS Introduces LandVal Cloud 

Revolutionising Land Valuation

Cranleigh, UK – Wednesday 5th June 2024 – Shelton Development Services (SDS) proudly announces the launch of LandVal Cloud, the latest version of our premier land valuation software. This innovative, cloud-based solution is designed to streamline land valuation for private developers and housing associations, ensuring precise and efficient appraisals.

LandVal was the very first product created by SDS founder, David Shelton, and it has now received a long-awaited revamp with the introduction of LandVal Cloud. This update brings cutting-edge features such as advanced technology, an intuitive modern design, and real-time summary ribbons. Users benefit from reduced manual errors, better version control, and optimised dwelling mixes. By providing clear, concise information, LandVal Cloud helps users make competitive bids and maximise returns effortlessly.

New features in LandVal Cloud include: 

  • Project Management Tools: Create and manage project folders, appraisals, and templates. 
  • Advanced Reporting: Generate executive, outline, and detailed summaries with ease. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Browser-based access allows for seamless teamwork and access from any device. 
  • Comprehensive Settings: Manage teams, roles, stamp duties, and more with robust administrative controls. 
  • Detailed Appraisal Sections: Input comprehensive data on properties, costs, milestones, and cashflows, ensuring thorough and accurate appraisals.

“LandVal Cloud represents a milestone moment for SDS,” said Alexander Thomson, Managing Director of SDS. “This software release marks a new beginning under our leadership, reflecting our commitment to delivering top-tier products to our valued customers. We aim to provide tools that not only enhance efficiency but also support mission-critical initiatives within the housing and property management sectors. This is the first step towards developing a seamless and better-integrated software suite.”

LandVal Cloud eliminates the hassles of manual input mistakes and spreadsheet errors, offering a single source of truth for all valuation data. It is designed to save time, reduce administrative burdens, and help users respond decisively to market changes. The software caters specifically to private developers and land buyers performing viability appraisals and determining land value. It ensures that bids are competitive and boost margins, making it an invaluable tool for anyone involved in land acquisition and development.

For more information about LandVal Cloud and to book a demo, contact us today.


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