ProVal Single Cashflow v24.01.10 & SDS Sequel v24.01.08 Updates now available Tom Hedges January 19, 2024

ProVal Single Cashflow v24.01.10 & SDS Sequel v24.01.08 Updates now available

New release versions of ProVal and Sequel are now available.

1️⃣ ProVal Single Cashflow Update:

We’re excited to announce the release of ProVal Single Cashflow v24.01.10, which supersedes v23.5.3 and prior versions.

🔍 What’s New in ProVal?

Enhanced fixes, improved calculations, and other minor yet impactful updates.

Major updates in rent inflation for the 24/25 financial year:

Homes England Rent Inflation: Uplifted to 6.7% + 1%.

Rent Caps: Updated to new rates at 6.7% + 1.5%.

Link to download
Link to Release notes
Link to Installation notes

Note:These rent updates are exclusive to ProVal Single Cashflow v24.01.10 and future versions. Upgrading is highly recommended as we cannot provide updates for older versions.

2️⃣ SDS Sequel Update:

We’re also proud to roll out SDS Sequel v24.01.08, replacing v23.01.23 and earlier editions.

🔍 What’s New in Sequel?

A suite of fixes and additional features to enhance your experience.

Link to download
Link to release notes

Important for Upgraders: If you’re moving from a version earlier than 22.7.22, please ensure your Admin/Level 5 Users review the crucial documentation provided.

⚙️ Installation Requirements:

Ensure that both SDS Sequel and SDS Calculation Server are updated/installed. Must be on ProVal LS v21.xx.xx or newer to upgrade to this version of Sequel.

🤔 Questions or Need Assistance?

Our team is ready to assist. Please contact us at for queries or to arrange a call.

We’re committed to continuously enhancing our products to meet your evolving needs. Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your solutions.

Kind regards,
David Richardson

Head of Professional Services / Product Owner SDS

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