Proval & Sequel New Version Releases Tom Hedges April 30, 2024

Proval & Sequel New Version Releases

We are thrilled to announce the release of Version 24.04.23 for ProVal, Sequel, and the SDS Sequel Calculation Server! This update brings powerful enhancements and new features to improve your user experience and expand capabilities.

What’s New?

ProVal: Enhanced cashflow visibility with four new rows, a new Financial Forensics section, and improvements in appraisals and consolidations.

Sequel: Upgrades in the Property Manager and Workflow sections, plus expanded transaction fields from 50 to 1000 characters.

Calculation Server: A complete overhaul to boost calculation efficiency and accuracy.

Important Note: If you use ProVal, Sequel, and the calculation server, please update all three simultaneously to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

Don’t Miss Out!

Haven’t upgraded to ProVal Single Cashflow and Sequel Outturn yet? Now’s the time to harness these advanced features and fixes for results you can trust.

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Questions? Need more info?

Reach out to us at – we’re here to help!

Thank you for choosing SDS, and we look forward to empowering your continued success!

— David Richardson, Head of Professional Services SDS

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