Accurate financial appraisal of your scheme is vital to ensure best outcome whilst meeting local housing needs.


Viability by tenure, dwelling and scheme. NPV and long-term cashflow displayed instantly.


Assess land values and gross profit with minimal information.


Achieving best value is essential for your organisation. You must demonstrate continuous improvement and show how you compare with your peers.


Measure performance with online scheme reports. Annual written report indicates progress against a variety of Key Performance Indicators.


Social Housing landlords in today’s market must understand the economic value of their properties.

Stock Profiler

Analyse your entire portfolio to see which units are most valuable and which need to be considered for a change of tenure or sale.

Sequel IT Requirements


In short SDS Sequel is a client/server application in that the data is held in a MSSQL database and the client or user software may or may not reside on the same computer.

The client and server specifications assume the operating system is on the tin and does not take into consideration any virtualisation. This hardware specification needs to be interpreted into your own IT system, especially if it is virtualised so that the equivalent performance is achieved.


SDS Sequel is licensed on a named user basis. The Windows user profile will be used to create the licence key. This means a licensed Windows user can log onto any PC and use the software without restriction.

It is not a concurrent licence model. Once the licensed number of users have logged in for the first time, no other users will be permitted.

Remote Support

A remote connection via RDP, VPN, or other secure third party client, might be required for back end support or for user shadowing support, Citrix™ GoToMeeting needs to be supported. Please contact SDS technical support for more information.

Requirements for the client PC


Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 x86 or x64 (x86 only addresses 3.8GB RAM)

Microsoft .NET Framework v4


We recommend as a minimum: a Core 2 Duo 2Ghz+ CPU; 1GB RAM; 128MB 24bit SXGA graphics card with SXGA capable screen; 120MB free hard disk space for installation.

64 bit processors are supported and preferred.

Requirements for the server


Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 / 2012 / 2014 / 2016

Microsoft Windows SQL Server 2008R2 / 2012 / 2014 / 2016 (any version)


We recommend as a minimum: a quad-core CPU; 4GB RAM; 120MB free hard disk space for installation.

Graphics performance of the server is not relevant to the end user and is not specified for this reason. Consider using more RAM if there are a high number of users (20+).

We recommend the use of a dedicated server where possible.

Sequel Mobile / Tablet

This is an optional application in Beta. It is used to collect data on site, which is then synchronised with the main application.

It can be used on all supported browsers (Chrome is preferred).

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