Accurate financial appraisal of your scheme is vital to ensure best outcome whilst meeting local housing needs.


Viability by tenure, dwelling and scheme. NPV and long-term cashflow displayed instantly.


Assess land values and gross profit with minimal information.


Achieving best value is essential for your organisation. You must demonstrate continuous improvement and show how you compare with your peers.


Measure performance with online scheme reports. Annual written report indicates progress against a variety of Key Performance Indicators.


Social Housing landlords in today’s market must understand the economic value of their properties.

Stock Profiler

Analyse your entire portfolio to see which units are most valuable and which need to be considered for a change of tenure or sale.

ProVal XL Training Guidance

Training in SDS ProVal XL (the Excel version) can be tailored to suit the organisation and the ProVal modules purchased. Training can be provided on-site (recommended for new customers) or at a SDS training suite. Training is paid at the time the supply is made.

There are three courses, each of half-day duration (typically 3 to 4 hours). End User courses will need to be repeated where there are more than 6 delegates.

Courses are offered in two packages.

  • Express (minimum) This consists of the two End User courses.
  • Essential (Recommended) The Essential package plus the Appraisal Appreciation seminar.

A projector, screen and flipchart will be required. The trainer will bring their own laptop. Customers should ensure that delegates can access the application from the training room beforehand.

Appraisal Appreciation Seminar

  • What makes a scheme viable?
  • Development strategy
  • The significance of the inputs
  • Understanding loan repayment methods, NPV, IRR and other measures
  • Interpreting the results
  • Applying private sector techniques to social housing

Beginners End User Course

Typically using the private finance module, we cover the basic process of completing an appraisal. Some areas of detail will be omitted in this course.

This is a hands-on training session where users complete an appraisal. The training should be provided on-site in a training suite, or quiet room, where each trainee has a PC with access to the application. Two people sharing a PC is possible, though not ideal. The recommended maximum for attending the course is 6.

Advanced & Refresher End User Course

This course is normally provided c. 2 months after the Beginners course. This allows users to gain some experience of using ProVal and therefore helps them establish where more training and guidance is required. Greater levels of detail are covered in the private finance module and a more detailed understanding on interpreting the results will be given. The recommended maximum for attending the course is 6.

In this course we can also include training in the Consolidation module.

Additional Training for Other Modules

Where more than one module is provided it may be necessary to provide separate training, but for the Consolidation training we recommend that this is covered at the same time as the Advanced & Refresher End User course described above.

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