Accurate financial appraisal of your scheme is vital to ensure best outcome whilst meeting local housing needs.


Viability by tenure, dwelling and scheme. NPV and long-term cashflow displayed instantly.


Assess land values and gross profit with minimal information.


Achieving best value is essential for your organisation. You must demonstrate continuous improvement and show how you compare with your peers.


Measure performance with online scheme reports. Annual written report indicates progress against a variety of Key Performance Indicators.


Social Housing landlords in today’s market must understand the economic value of their properties.

Stock Profiler

Analyse your entire portfolio to see which units are most valuable and which need to be considered for a change of tenure or sale.


Sales process management

HomeMatch adopts workflow principles to assist your sales staff in transacting the property from reservation to sales completion. Simplifying and automating the various administrative tasks, enabling sales and marketing staff to spend less time determining what needs to be chased and more time selling homes and providing customer service.

Designed to run in the cloud and accessible via a web browser to enable sales staff to stay in touch while on the road or on site for viewings.

Smart Matching

SDS HomeMatch can undertake ‘smart matching’ between the housing applications and the Property for Sale data to immediately identify which properties would be affordable for a given applicant. This can be filtered to show a property (including resales) by development or geography (eg by postcode or distance from a location).

Housing Applications

HomeMatch provides a single managed place where you can keep the details of all your prospective purchasers. This can be populated by importing a Help to Buy Agents list of prospective purchasers, applications made online by prospective purchasers in response to your own marketing efforts or other sources of purchasers such as a local authority list.


Screenshot of StockProfiler


  • The application will suggest suitable properties to match applications to, and vice versa, taking into account the available deposit and other finances recorded in the application.
Screenshot of StockProfiler

Affordability Calculator

  • The affordability calculator allows the user to play around with finances and see where changes could be made to help applicants match with the properties that they are looking for.
Screenshot of StockProfiler


  • The dashboard is is open by default when the user logs into HomeMatch, and summarises any applications that have actions outstanding that need to be dealt with.
Screenshot of StockProfiler

Online Application

  • Members of the public registering to HomeMatch will need to fill out the online application. These questions can be tailored for the organisation.

One Place For Your Data

All information relevant to the sales process is contained in HomeMatch. This allows sales staff to give real-time information to customers, not just about the properties available, but also the status of the sale. No more time wasted searching emails, files, and databases to gather the required information. Everything you need from initial enquiry to transacting the sale is in HomeMatch.

Affordability Calculator

Homes England Sustainability Calculator methodology is embedded in the system and populated automatically with financial data from the application and costs from the dwelling being considered.

General Data Protection Regulation

HomeMatch is fully GDPR compliant, as an isolated project and data silo is created within the Google Cloud Platform for each customer who uses SDS Home Match.


SDS HomeMatch has two real-time reporting environments. For the sales team, the on-screen dashboard gives a live overview of the status of the entire portfolio for sale or individual developments. Staff can instantly see the current status of all the key attributes of the sales transactions. The status of all key points for the property transaction can also be accessed in real-time through SDS Sequel to provide management reports.

Relationship Management

Effective communication between the sales team and the purchaser will go a long way to mitigate stress whenever something is carried out within SDS HomeMatch regarding a purchase, a record of that will be visible in the Activity Screen which is updated automatically.

SDS Sequel Integration

Although SDS HomeMatch can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ tool, productivity gains can be further leveraged through its integration with SDS Sequel project management. When a new development is entered into Sequel, HomeMatch is automatically populated with the data it needs.

Furthermore, common data is dynamically updated through either of the two products. For example, if the final sale of a property results in a different equity share than originally planned, HomeMatch will update Sequel automatically with the new equity share along with the associated sales value, rent income, sales completion date, etc.

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